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Cake Pops are all the rage...wonderful pieces of desserts that you can bite and go! All the traditional Charm City Cupcake flavors that you love in a wonderful cake ball. The cake and icing a together in a coating of chocolate and decorations on the outside. Choose from traditional, gourmet or black-tie flavors.

Classic Collection

Our Classic Collection is made up of our traditional cupcakes flavors.

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Cupcakes & Cocktails

Custom Cupcakes

What you dream in cupcakes...we can most likely create. Let's create wonderful dessert for you.

Game Day Cupcakes

A cupcake decorating class is the perfect place to start if you have an interest in decorating. Your Gone Cupcaking! instructor will show you the right way, step by step, so that you experience the excitement of successfully decorating gourmet cupcakes.

You will also practice the three fundamentals of decorating, enabling you to approach each technique the right way for great results. Throughout the Gone Cupcaking! class, you'll learn to create basic cupcake borders, a variety of icing flowers including signature cupcake styles. Not only will you quickly learn just how easy it is to create the perfect gourmet styled cupcake but you will also get to share the fun and excitement with other Gone Cupcaking! students.
Topics covered in Gone Cupcaking! include:

Tips on Mastering Great Buttercream Icing
Decorating Bags and Couplers
Filling & Icing the Cupcakes
Creating signature cupake styles
Using Cupcake Star and Round Tips
How to decorate with drop flowers, shell and other borders
Writing and Piping Methods
Guidelines for Elementary Cupcake Design
Creating the overall look for your cupcake

Gourmet Variety

A dynamic selection of cupcakes are made throughout the year for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many more. Orders close approximately 3 days prior to the special day and delivery is available upon your request.

Signature Mini Variety

This selection represents the "best of the best" from the Charm City total menu. All the favorites are included here...Black-Eyed Susan, Red Velvet, Baltimore Black Bottom, Gourmet Turtle, Lemon Chiffon, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Carmel Praline, Vanilla-Vanilla, Triple Chocolate, Gourmet Pimlico, Vanilla-Chocolate,and  Cookies & Cream. Sure to please any audience! $16.50 per dozen.

Valentine's Day 2014...They will love you forever!
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